Places to Visit

Hambrick Bat Cave

The Hambrick Bat Cave is a wonderful place to visit on Lake Guntersville! Each and every night (around dusk) somewhere around 60,000 bats emerge from the cave. The cave is one of the largest maternity colonies (a place where bats birth and raise their young) of gray bats.

How to find the cave

The Hambrick bat cave is located about a mile upriver from the Guntersville Dam. If you launch at the dam, just head upriver (towards Guntersville) and the cave is on your left (north side) just after the Hambrick Hollow (an inland area of water on the north shore).

If you are coming from Guntersville, head towards the dam and the cave is on right shortly after the Honeycomb Creek and Goat Island.

You will know you are at the cave when you see the fence and TVA signs about the cave.

The cave is not accessible by land. It is also illegal to enter the cave by land or water.

Here is a map of the cave’s location

About Gray Bats

Gray Bats are an endangered species, hence the fence keeping people from entering the cave. During the winter months, gray bats hibernate mostly in vertical caves and during the summer they stay mostly in caves along rivers and lakes. Females give birth in late May to early June. The months of June and July are some of the best times to see the most bats.

Gray Bats are endangered due to their lack of suitable habitats. During the maturation of their young, the females will drop their young on the floor of the cave if the female is startled. This presents a problem because, at this point, the young can’t fly yet. This is why there is a fence at the cave and the public isn’t allowed in. Please help preserve this spectacle for all and don’t attempt to enter the cave.

Next time you are in Guntersville Alabama and on the river/lake be sure to check out the Hambrick Bat Cave!